Half-Day Halibut Charters ​

​$160 per person + Tax


1/2 Day Discount Rates:

Seniors over 62= $150 plus tax
Kids under 12= $135 plus tax
Military Discount= $150 plus tax

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2017 Halibut Fishing Regulations for Area 3A:

  • You are allowed a daily bag limit of 2 halibut: one halibut can be any size and one halibut must be 28 inches or less
  • You are allowed an annual limit of 4 charter caught halibut per person.
  • No charter fishing allowed for halibut on Wednesdays.
  • We are available for salmon and rockfish charters on Wednesdays

Half Day Halibut Charters​

Nauti Lady Half Day Halibut Charter



Either a Morning Charter OR an Afternoon Charter will be available, but not both options in the same day due to regulations allowing for 1 Halibut Trip Per Day Per Vessel.

AM Departs at 7:00 and returns around 12:00
PM  Departs at 1:00 and returns around 6:00

One popular way to fish for halibut is taking a Half Day Halibut Charters on our 50' Nauti-Lady. Nauti LadyOn our half day charter, you will travel between about 20-25 miles out into Kachemak Bay. You will fish in an area where there are usually lots of hungry halibut so you have some action which makes this charter so much fun! On the ½ day halibut charter, the average size halibut that is being caught average about 10-15 lbs, but we do catch bigger halibut sometimes too. According to Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game, the limit in Homer is 2 halibut per person but although one halibut must be 29" or less, for the other halibut you can decide which size that will be!  Once at the fishing area, the deckhands will show you what to do so you will be successful.  Halibut feed on the bottom so you will drop your line down and then –reel, reel, reel- them up! You will take home the halibut you catch because we mark them for you. If you happen to catch other fish, you are welcome to keep them as long as they are in season.  Doesn't that sound like fun?


Your charter will depart either in the morning at 7:00 AM and return at about 12:00PM OR at 1:00PM and return about 6:00PM. Pick the time available as we usually bring home a limit of fish on either morning or afternoon charters. You will need a fishing license which can be purchased at our office. Children up to age 16 do not need a license.

The attractiveness of the ½ day charter is due to several factors. If you are visiting Homer and have limited time to spend fishing then a morning or afternoon out on the water allows you time to do other things. The charter price is a very good value as we give you the opportunity to catch as many fish as you can. According to Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game, the limit in Homer is 2 halibut per person but you decide which ones those will be! The ½ day charter is enjoyable for people of all ages. It’s perfect for kids, families, adults and senior citizens, too!


Half Day Halibut Fishing CharterYou can be spontaneous and sign up for your charter close to your departure, but we recommend a reservation to be guaranteed a seat. We can sometimes accommodate late comers on a charter but we may have to use another boat. Our vessel is 50’ and can hold up to 17 anglers only. There is an inside heated cabin with seating for everyone as well as a clean ladies room and men’s room. There is plenty of walk around space for fishing.  Everyone fishes at once and you don’t have to reel in if someone near you has a fish on- that’s when you should be attentive as other fish are probably nearby. We’re very careful about any tangles and prevent them. If you do get tangled, we are quick to untangle and get you back fishing right away. 


After you take pictures, your crew will clean and filet your fish. These halibut are the best tasting fish- halibut are mild and delicate and can be cooked in so many delicious ways. In fact, some anglers take their fresh catch to Capt. Patty’s Seafood Restaurant on the Homer Spit since it is the only place in town that will cook YOUR catch for your lunch or dinner! You can’t eat any fresher halibut than that! Otherwise, we can help you to get your halibut processed to take home with you. Fish Processing is done at one of two places in town: www.myalaskafish.com or www.welovefish.com

Come on and hook up with us for a great ½ day fishing charter experience!

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