"Killer" Combo
Halibut/ Lingcod/ Rockfish

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$380 for seniors and military

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Halibut/Lingcod/Rockfish Combo’s

Lingcod season opens July 1st


The Halibut/Lingcod/Rockfish Combination Charters have become known as the “Killer Combos” and are one of our angler’s most favorite fishing trips. Homer Alaska’s great combo fishing is the lure as your captain sets you up to potentially catch http://www.bobstrophycharters.com/images/ling.jpga lot of fish! According to Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game, fishing out of Homer you are allowed 2 halibut, 2 lingcod and up to 5 rockfish of various types in one day. Wow! … With 6 anglers on board, the end result is “Boat loaded!” …and that’s not to mention, Smiles!

Rockfish Lincod Halibut Combo Charter Fishing

Lingcod is a delicacy and enjoyable to eat but surely an ugly looking fish! These fish are round and long and must be 35 inches to keep. The lingcod limit is 2 per person. Lingcod hide in rocky areas and bite on jigs. They are a lot of fun to catch as they wiggle to the surface.  Since lingcod are available only in certain areas, the weather must be favorable for the boats to get to their rocky bottomed lingcod spots. It’s a long run too as the captain takes you 50-60 miles out.  If it all goes well- Bingo! But, if you can’t get down to the “secret” spots you will surely catch your halibut and we will refund the cost of the elusive lingcod ($60.00 additional per person on our long range six pack charters).


Halibut fishing is deep sea bottom fishing and luckily for you- but unluckily for the lings, the halibut eat them! On these charters, many times we find bigger halibut near the lingcod holes. On these charters especially, we definitely recommend a Homer Halibut Jackpot Derby Ticket, as hey, you never know! On one lingcod charter an angler pulled out a big 330# halibut without a ticket! Well do you know what this angler said about that? He said, “I was in it for the monster and not the money”! What else could he say?- He lost thousands!  Toss a coin- lucky or unlucky was he? 

http://www.bobstrophycharters.com/images/rockfish.jpgRockfish such as black bass and yellow eyes are also found in Kachemak Bay and the Cook Inlet waters. They are light weight and usually fished as a halibut combo trip with the lingcod.  Ask about limits since it varies according to the type of rockfish caught, but on these charters you can potentially bring home 5 rockfish per day. Don’t you just love that bright orange color of the yellow-eyes? These fish are delicious to eat and fun to catch. It’s amazing to see them as they shine brightly through the water being reeled up from the depths of the ocean floor.
Killer Combo”Charter  is such a big day of fishing and a long run, we usually send the boats out with at least 5-6 anglers on the 6 packs.  You will need a fishing license but no other tags are required.  Pack a lunch and beverages for the day and you’re ready to go! 


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